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ALL CONSIGNOR SLOTS ARE FILLED FOR FALL 2017! If you wish to consign, click the SELL button in case anyone drops out at the last minute. Otherwise we are SOLD OUT.


Why Consign with CityKids?

  • We only accept good quality children’s items.
  • We do all the selling. You do NOT need to be at the sale.
  • Drop off your tagged and hanged items on Friday, October 14 at Neumann-Goretti.
  • We do all the marketing & are a well-advertised sale.
  • We have NO limit to the number of items you can sell.
  • Sign up early as we cap consignors at 150 sellers.
  • Free Consignor 101 session September 14th to help you learn the ropes and make more. To sign up or for info, email Christina!

→ WHAT’S NEW THIS SALE? 50-item limit per consignor for clothing sized 0-18 months

What does it cost and how much can I earn?

  • There is a non-refundable $10 registration fee to consign.
  • Consignors will receive 65% of their sales.
  • Consignors who volunteer two 3-hour shifts will receive 75% of their sales.

How do I register as a consignor?

Read the entire Consignor Guidelines. New Consignors, click here to register. Returning consignors must register for each sale on the Consignor Homepage. If you’ve consigned with us before, your consignor number and sign-in information are the same. If your PayPal email does not match your registration email, please let us know so we can match your payment with your registration.

You will immediately receive an email confirmation with your consignor number when you’ve successfully registered. Once you receive your confirmation email, you may begin entering your items into MySaleManager.

Consignors, please check your emails, as we include links and tips and other helpful hints, including contests!

To begin to enter your items, click the “Activities” Menu once you’ve signed in to MSM.

Here is a list of what we do and do not accept for our fall/winter sale.

Please check to see if anything you wish to sell has been recalled here

How do I prepare my items for the sale?

You can start entering your items as soon as you register.

TIP: Entering your items using a computer is much easier than using a phone!

***All items must be entered into your online inventory by 11:59pm on Thursday, October 12, 2017. You will not be able to make any changes to your inventory after this time.
If you plan to donate your unsold items, please be sure to mark them REDUCE so that they have the best chance of selling.

1. Preparing Tags:

Our online tagging system allows each registered consignor to inventory all of their items.
Each consignor inputs all of their item’s information (gender, size, description, price, discount, and donate).

Watch our step-by-step registration video:

Log in to our Consignor Homepage to begin tagging.

Here are some helpful Tagging Instructions:

Click “Activities”, then “Work with My Consigned Items” and then click on “Active Items” to begin entering your items:

  1. Select the Category the item best fits into.
  2. There are many different size options, please scroll through all options to find a size that describes your clothing best. S, M, L, XL are only acceptable for MATERNITY clothing if no numerical size given.
  3. Enter a description..
  4. Enter price. Price items ONLY in $1.00 increments, starting at $2.00.
  5. For Quantity always mark “1”.
  6. Select discount if you wish for the item to be discounted during the 50% off sale (Sunday is half-price day).
  7. Select donate if you want your unsold items to be donated.
  8. Click “submit item” to save your info.
  9. Click “I’m finished for now” to save and return to main page. From here you can print tags and/or sign up to volunteer.

2. Printing Tags

You MUST use WHITE cardstock (60-67 LB) and black ink. There will be 6 tags per page.
If you do not use White cardstock, we will charge a manual scanning penalty of $15.
Tags must NOT be faded or smudged and have NO hand written notes on them. The back of your printed tags must be blank.

Reading the tag from top left to bottom right: consignor #, sale name, size, category, description, donate indicator, item ID, discount indicator (REDUCE), price, barcode. BLACK DOT means donate. “REDUCE” means 1/2 off on Sunday. If you plan to donate, please also mark your items as “REDUCE”, to ensure that more of your items sell, which should earn you more cash.

3. Attaching the Tags

Please attach your tags securely to your items. Items with lost tags may get misplaced or cannot be sold.
Clothing must be on hangers with the hanger facing to the left; like a question mark (?).
Place the pin at the very top of the tag.
Safety pin the tag to the garment to where no holes/pulls will be made in the garment. It is best to place it on a seam or button hole.
NO straight pins or little gold pins.
Clothing is to be hung on hangers.
We will not be accepting pants, shirts, PJs and other clothing grouped in Ziploc bags; they must all be on hangers.
Items not on hangers MUST have the tags taped on with clear packing tape.
When using tape, please be sure to place tape at top and bottom of tag so your tags don’t fall off and get lost.
Be sure that buttons, zippers and snaps are done on all clothing items.
Onesies, socks, tights and the like may be grouped, by size; in a clear Ziploc bag.
Shoes are best inside clear taped bags, but zip ties work just as well.
Tags can get switched by unscrupulous shoppers. Please use a tagging gun for large-ticket items. Make sure your items are secured to your items. Use two tags if you wish, just in case.

*If using a tagging gun: A tagging gun is not required. However, it just makes tagging clothes easier if you have a large amount of clothes to sell. Its best to attach the tags to inside tags or under the arm. Tagging Guns can be easily purchased on eBay and Amazon.

4. Pricing your items

Consignors set the price in $1.00 increments, starting at $2.00.
If items by themselves will not bring in $2.00, bundle items together. Ex: 2 T-Shirts for $3.00.
As a general rule, price items as ⅓ to ½ off the retail price.
Check out Consignment Mommies for handy pricing tips: Consignment Mommies

Is there a tagging service? – SOLD OUR FOR FALL 2017

YES! If you wish to consign, but need help, our tagging service is available to perform all set-up, pricing, tagging of your items and delivery of your items to the sale. The tagging service is available to any registered consignor. Tagging service is open until September 24th. Last day to drop off your items will be October 4th. Tagging Service Details: • $25 Tagging fee • You’ll earn 50% of your sales • Limited to 200 individual items, no more than 100 articles of clothing (NO EXCEPTIONS) • Email Christina to reserve your slot, pay for the service and coordinate a drop-off time in South Philadelphia.

If you are bringing Mattresses and Upholstery:

In accordance with PA’s Bedding and Upholstery Law, all bedding and upholstery items must be disinfected by CityKids Sale and tagged with CityKids Sale yellow law labels. Please hang bedding on adult-size hangers, in order for us to better display your bedding.

When is drop off?

***Friday October 13, 5:00pm-8:00pm. After you register, you will need to sign up for a drop-off time in order to expedite the drop-off process.
All consignors MUST check-in with Jenn.
All items will be checked for proper tagging and quality (NO summer items, no stains or holes).
Consignors are expected to stay with your items while they are being checked.
Please sort by gender and size before arriving; it helps speed up the distribution process.
Consignors are responsible for distributing their own items on the sales floor and for hanging their clothes on the racks.
Please bring one large cardboard box per 50 items. Boxes will NOT be returned to you.
We will have volunteers in place to assist you should you need help.

Previous consignors: check your emails for details on drop’n’go and other incentives!

When is pick-up?

If you are planning on picking up, please be sure to leave a large enough box to hold all unsold items with your consignor number clearly marked on the box.
All unsold items must be picked up on Sunday, October 15 between 3:30pm-4:30pm.
We regret that no alternate pickup arrangements can be made.
All items not picked up by 4:30pm on Sunday will become property of CityKids Consignment Sale and may be donated to LilypadNationalities Service Center, Circle of Hope and Mitzvah Circle or other charitable organizations.
Be sure to check the lost and found area to make sure none of your items were placed there.

When will my seller reports be available?

CityKids will email consignors 3-4 days after the sale ends to let you know reports are available. Remember to download your donation reports for tax purposes as they will be erased about 6 weeks after each sale.

When will I receive payment?

Checks will be mailed out about 2 weeks after the sale.
Please email us if you have not received your check by then. Thank you!

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