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About Us:
CityKids Consignment Sale is inspired by the resale activity on the Kids South of Washington Google group (KSOW), which is managed by Lilypad (formerly known as SPPRC). We are a group of moms who are volunteering our time, skills and talents to create this DIY sale to help support our community. Our non-profit sale will help raise funds for our new space Lilypad at 1234 S. Broad Street. If you are interested in helping out with organizing Philadelphia’s largest non-profit consignment sale, please email us.

Meet The Volunteers:

Name: Allison
My role with the sale: Marketing, Sponsorships, Donation Coordination, all around do-er!
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: All the moms who run the sale are passionate and fun. We created the sale out of nothing and it’s so great to see the sale grow and raise money for Lilypad! I’ve learned so much about marketing through the sale and I’m all for learning new skills.
My connection to South Philly: I’m a native Philadelphian with family roots in South Philly. I’ve lived in South Philly/East Passyunk for 9 years. My husband and I Iove raising our son, Oliver, in the city and more specifically, South Philly. I love making South Philly an even better place for families to live and grow in!
A little more about me: I’m a former project manager turned Realtor on the Philly Home Girls team!

Name: Christina
My role with the sale: Event Layout & Planning/ Volunteer Management/Consignor Education/Tagging Service Tagger
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: Helping out with a cause to bring the community together is a really cool thing.
My connection to South Philly: I am proud to say that I am born and raised in South Philly. Now my husband and I are raising our two children here.
A little more about me: I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom to an 9 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. Recently I started my own business, Simple Solutions Home Organizing. I am very passionate about helping others find balance in the chaos a busy life can offer.

Name: Debbie
My role with the sale: I help with overall sale management, coordination and networking. I work in advertising, networking and just about anything the sale needs to keep growing and moving forward.
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: I volunteered and shopped at several consignment sales in the suburbs when I was pregnant with my daughter Rose and was hooked. I learned so much and just couldn’t believe we didn’t have something like this in our own neighborhood. Witnessing all the resale activity on KSOW and Pennsymoms, I knew there was a need for this. While pregnant I also met some great moms and amazing friends through SPPRC and saw so much potential in this group to enrich our parenting community. So I put the two together and launched CityKids as a semi-annual fundraiser for Lilypad.
My connection to South Philly: I moved to South Philly almost seven years ago when I got engaged to my husband. The neighborhood has grown on me over the years and I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. It just feels like home.
A little more about me: I own and help run GEN3 Electric, Philly’s Friendly Neighborhood Electrician and run Lilypad as a labor of love. I also do my best to keep track of a household that has two great kids, Rose – 4 and Gus – 2, two very fat cats and one little Boston Terrier who leads a double life as our company mascot, Oggi Sparks. I am dedicated to improving public school options for our children.

Name: Jenn
My role with the sale: Consignor Coordination, Set-up Helper, Marketing, Idea Bouncer Arounder!
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: I enjoy supporting valuable causes that benefit families, the environment and our city! It’s fun to interact with like-minded moms who run the sale with passion! I hope to gain a broader knowledge base to apply to other areas of my life. 🙂
My connection to South Philly: My partner and I are native Philadelphians who are determined to raise our young boys (4, 8 & 10) in the city we love! Each of us have lived or worked in South Philly in the past but our home is West Philly. We were drawn to South Philly to support this sale and the programs it helps to fund.
A little more about me: My ‘real’ job is as an Administrative Coordinator in a university setting handling everything from scheduling to maintenance; recruitment to event management. Additionally, I have lead five consignment sales for our boys’ nursery school and serve on the executive committee of their elementary school’s home and school association with a focus on events. When not seeking out a great bargain, I enjoy building in our LEGO Room!  You can never have enough LEGO is the word in our home!

Name: Maria
My role with the sale: Graphic Design, Website, Marketing, Advertising, and helping with a million other details that need to be done to make our sale run smoothly. We’re getting better with each sale!
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: I was so excited to be able to help launch a consignment sale in South Philly. I love the idea of being a part of a growing, changing and thriving neighborhood.
My connection to South Philly: When I first came to Philadelphia in 2006, I was charmed by South Philly and have lived within a few blocks of my first place ever since.
A little more about me: I run day-to-day operations at Lilypad as a volunteer, and am a stay at home parent to a Philly Public School Kindergartener; this is a great way for me to stay connected, keep up with and learn new skills (Mailchimp is a beast and I’m still figuring it out after 4 sales!), and help out in the community.

Name: Pam
My role with the sale: Tagging donations, set-up and general help
A little about why I’m a City Kids Volunteer: I had been a regular CityKids consignor and volunteer when I decided to join the organizing committee. I enjoy the opportunity to meet other moms and participate in an event that helps the community.
My connection to South Philly: While I have spent a fair amount of time in South Philly, I live in Fairmount.
A little more about me: I am a mom to a Lego-loving and adventurous 7 year-old boy and work as a lawyer.

Name: Sandi
My role with the sale: Sponsor coordinator, meeting coordinator
A little about why I’m a CityKids volunteer: I enjoy volunteering for events in general, but as a new mom I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer for an event that would also allow me to interact with local moms. I am a huge advocate of “it takes a village” and am actively looking for ways to add to my village!
My connection to South Philly: I moved to Philadelphia for college (Temple Made!) and slowly moved further and further south… Until 4 years ago when we bought a house in the outskirts of Girard Estates. Now we are here to stay!
A little more about me: My husband and I are blessed with a little boy, Theo, born in May 2016. We also have two cats and a dog that are always in competition for largest appetite!

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