Many Kids South of Washington members have questions about the relationship between that Google Group and the non-profit Lilypad. This page is intended to answer many of those questions.
What is the South Philly Parents Resource Center/Lilypad?
The South Philly Parents Resource Center is an all-volunteer non-profit whose mission is to support mothers and fathers of young children to create a strong community for our diverse families. We focus on providing education and emotional support for parents through peer connections. Lilypad is our playspace with birth, new parent meet ups, playgroups and other resources and classes for children.


How is the South Philly Parents Resource Center/Lilypad Connected to The Kids South of Washington?
The Kids South of Washington began as a small group of new moms who met at Benna’s Coffee Shop in the spring of 2007. When the babies got too big for that small space, we started a Google Group to stay in touch, The Kids South of Washington. Since it started as a small group, we were able to use the list to create meet ups and even self-education events, such as baby wearing workshops. At a certain point we realized we had enough energy behind the list to do more, and decided to create a non-profit that could be an engine for larger and ongoing initiatives, and that became the South Philly Parents Resource Center which then became Lilypad once our space at 1234 S Broad Street was opened in July 2016. The list-managers of the Kids South of Washington Google Group are the officers of the South Philly Parents Resource Center/Lilypad. Decisions about the list are made through South Philly Parents Resource Center/Lilypad meetings and emails with South Philly Parents Resource Center/Lilypad volunteers. To join our growing list of over 1700 local South Philly parents, please email us with the following info:
Join the Kids South Of Washington Google Group (KSOW):

  • Please send an email to KSOW with the following info:
    • Your full name
    • Names of your kids and ages or due date
    • Your full mailing address
    • The Email address you wish to use
    • How you found out about group & Why interested in joining


Do I have to pay to remain a member of KSOW Google Group?
No. We will always have free membership for the list-serve.


I’d love to help support this effort financially. How can I donate?
Just click HERE.


This sounds amazing! How can I get more involved?
Whether you want to join our Board of Directors, attend our meetings or you’d like to sign up to volunteer to run a playgroup, or even just contribute your voice to our online conversation, we’d love to get your input and support! This list is full of smart, talented people and we find all of our volunteers bring different skills to the table. If you’re interested in finding out more, just email SPPRC/Lilypad and we’ll chat to find the best fit for you.